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Jorge Grippo

Code snippet: ec2-consistent-snapshot crontab file

I’ve been using Eric Hammond’s guide

Running MySQL on Amazon EC2 with EBS (Elastic Block Store)

for years. It is great if you have to setup a mysql server on EC2. But one thing I couldn’t never make work, was the crontab job for making automatized snapshots (a.k.a. backup). Which is a great feature, one of the kind that make the whole process to migrate to cloud computing worthwhile. Because you setup a cron job and forget about backups. Isn’t it unvelievable great?

Well, it never worked for me. At least as it is documented. You know, we programmers are lazy. For years it hasn’t worked at all. Today I found half an hour, and made it work, this is a code snippet that actually works:

#----------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Min Hour Day Month Weekday Command #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 3 * * 0,2,4 /usr/bin/ec2-consistent-snapshot --mysql-master-status-file=/var/lib/mysql/SLAVE.txt --xfs-filesystem /vol --mysql --region us-east-1 --description "$(hostname):/vol $(date --rfc-3339=date)" vol-12345678

The problem was certain mismatched quote characters. I removed the ofending expression and replaced it with “date –rfc-3339=date”, ant that is it.

OS: Linux. Flavor: Debian/Ubuntu.


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